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Sifu Carlton Hill, founder of Carlton Hill’s Tao Taiji Qigong (CHTTQ) developed an interest in martial arts both Indian and Oriental from a very young age in order to survive on the streets of Mumbai. His quest for faster recovery from injuries and maintenance of good physical and mental health fuelled an interest in martial arts like Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Baguaquan, Hsing-i and other healing internal arts.

He has travelled around India and other parts of the world including China, Japan, Tibet and Canada in order to learn the soft healing arts, meditation and martial arts from traditional teachers.

Sifu Hill has dedicated his life to teaching and healing through Taijiquan and Qigong through classes, workshops and one-on-one personal instruction in India and overseas.

He has been recognised and honoured with many Taijiquan and Qigong awards by medical and martial art institutions in India and abroad for his dedication to the internal healing arts.

Taijiquan, an internal martial art which means the Supreme Ultimate Fist, is now referred to as a health and relaxation exercise and is practiced by millions around the world for its healing benefits. These amazing, miraculous benefits are obtained by slow and gentle movements and energy (Qi) transmission exercises by harmonizing the body (posture), mind (meditation) and respiration (breathing).

Sifu Carlton Hill has been recently awarded the 8th Duan Wei (Silver Dragon) by the Association of Martial Artists Worldwide (AMAWW). He has also been inducted into their hall of fame and honoured with the Grandmaster of the year 2016.


Carlton Hill’s Tao Taiji Qigong 


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