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Sifu Wing Cheung has been associated closely with CHTTQ and has provided teaching and training to CHTTQ members  during the years 2015-2017. After undergoing an intensive theory and practical training programme, critical assessments and one to one interaction, members of CHTTQ have been certified as International Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructors. Sifu (Master/Teacher) Wing Cheung, Tai Chi Division Champion of the 2005 Canada Kung Fu and Wushu Championship, and founder of the Tai Chi, Qigong & Feng Shui Institute acquired a deep interest in martial arts, and at the age of six began learning Northern Shaolin Kung Fu from his father. Grandmaster Cheung was a kung fu and tai chi master as well as a kick boxer. He won the 1969 Canton Province Kick Boxing Championship.

After suffering from a serious traffic accident in 1994, Sifu Cheung sought the help of Master Wu Jian Hua, a famous qigong healer. Since then Sifu Cheung has studied acupressure, traditional Chinese medical theory and different styles of qigong under Master Wu. For the past 15 years, he has travelled around the world to learn tai chi, qigong and other inner techniques from skilled teachers. He has invested much time, energy, and resources doing research on them with the latest biofeedback, neurofeedback, and quantum feedback equipment.

Sifu Cheung has devoted his life to spreading the wonders of qi around the world. Through his workshops, he has trained hundreds of Tai Chi Qigong instructors worldwide. He now teaches Tai Chi and Qigong, and works as a Feng Shui consultant to determine the auspicious flow of qi/energy in and around the house.


Grandmaster Sifu Wing Cheung
Founder & Chief Instructor-
Tai Chi Qigong & Feng Shui Institute

Association Of Martial Artists World Wide


Association of Martial Artists World Wide (AMAWW)has awarded Sifu Carlton Hill the 8th Duan Wei in Internal Martial Arts(Taijiquan/ Qigong)- Silver Dragon the second highest honour that they can bestow to a master.

He has also been inducted into their Hall of Fame and honoured with the GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR 2016.

CHTTQ and its Members have also been recognized internationally by AMAWW.

AMAWW is a nationally and internationally recognized association. AMAWW was founded by Master Jonathan A. French with the help of several individual Black Belts, Business Men, and Martial Artists. Master French has spent years training in many worldwide martial art styles and he has developed and created a martial art style called Kang Shi Do(The Real Combat Method). This system of martial arts comes from decades of training in many different martial arts styles. In addition to founding his own martial art style, in 2012 he was granted Sokeship and a 5th degree Master Black belt by an international board. In 2015 Master French was inducted into the United States Martial Art Hall of Fame as the Master Black Belt of the Year and in 2016 his martial art school the U.S. Combat Dojo, was inducted into the United States Martial Art Hall of Fame as the Martial Art School of the Year. Master French also holds black belts in many martial art styles.

It is a diverse group of people with differing levels of skills, talents, and knowledge that has come together to form an association that has no style boundaries, promotes all fighting arts, and encourages the fellowship among martial artists. Their motto is “One body, One goal, Many martial arts”. it is their mission to neither promote nor exclude any style, but to assemble a world-wide body of practitioners to forge a comradeship of martial artists.

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